Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I LOVE Boon!

I was so super excited when a wonderful package from Boon arrived with all of these goodies! I have been coveting this Bug Pod for forever! I can't believe I went this long without it. The boys have so many bath toys it's insane and at the end of the bath I have nowhere to put them. Then they get all gross and I have to wash and disinfect the toys. With the bug pod I just scoop up the toys and hang them to dry. Super easy!
But wait, I also received these awesome bath toys. The toys are made to not absorb water which reduces mold and mildew. The boys really liked the mini- scrubbies because now they can wash themselves like mom and dad do.

And lastly, I received the Flo which rocks my world! It is a water deflector, faucet cover, and bubble bath dispenser all in one! I love that it keeps my little guys heads safe during bath time and they love how the bubbles come out.
Boon is one of my new favorite companies. Not only do they make items that are functional and make my life easier, but they are so cool to look at as well. I also like the fact that they donate 10% of their profits to children's charities. Boon has won my heart. Boon has even more items that you can check out on their site so head on over!

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