Monday, June 1, 2009

Share A Blog Monday

Today I came across Not Worth Writing. She is one of my followers and is new to blogging. She is 26 and from Mexico. I really love her style of writing and how talks about motherhood. She seems really open and honest which is what I love most about reading other blogs. I hope you check her blog out and show your support with comments if you want!

On another note I am totally loving pre-cut watermelon right now. With the move we haven't been buying very many groceries. So today I bought some watermelon that was pre-cut, which I never do because it isn't the most economical. I have to say though it was totally worth it! Then while I was eating it the cutest baby bunny was laying in the grass outside of my window. So neat. I can't believe I just blogged about watermelon and a bunny. Are you asleep yet?

What are your favorite things right now?

1 comment:

  1. Okay, lately I'm LOVING homemade salsa fresca because tomatoes are finally in season! Mmmm-mmm. So good.


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