Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wild Dill Winner

The winner for the Wild Dill puzzle is Betty C

Here are your random numbers:166
Timestamp: 2009-03-23 05:45:40 UTC

I will be drawing for the Fairytale Brownies this week- it is just taking me awhile to go through all the entries! Note to self: If you ever want to start your own business- think brownies!


  1. congratulations Betty!

    Good luck, Ashley with the rest. Happy Monday!

  2. Ashley,

    For my rice recipe, I usually use this: (It's like the rice they use at Barbacoa here in UT -- but they probably don't have Barbacoa in ND, right? It's good, nonetheless.)

    And for the enchiladas, I just put thawed chicken breasts in the crockpot with a can of green chiles and enough broth or boullion just to cover, and cook it on low for 8 hours. When it's done I shred it with a fork, and make it into enchiladas with regular old store-bought enchilada sauce, cheese, sour cream, and chicken inside. I put all the enchiladas in a 9x13 and pour extra sauce on top to coat, and top with cheese, then bake til bubbly.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Congrats Betty :))

    Ashley, I'm so glad you received the razor! That was quick! I got the Bumpits today!! I'll let ya know after I try them :)) Have a great Monday if there is such a thing :)


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