Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ballas Hough Band

The two dancing with the stars dancers Derek Hough and Mark Ballas will be performing tonight on Dancing with the Stars with their partners and then tomorrow March 10th, they will be releasing their new album! Check back later in the week as I will be reviewing their new cd! You can even go to their site and watch a video here.


  1. Slightly embarressed to admit it...but I'm kinda hoping it's good :)

  2. They can sing not just dance!, March 14, 2009

    The new Ballas Hough band CD caught me offguard. I thought it was going to be another wanna-be cross over act. Surprisingly though, I was head bopping and toe tapping throughout the whole CD. The vocals vary between songs that keeps it interesting and entertaining. Vocals you can actually hear and aren't drowned out by the music but the music is an important part to the song. The 3rd track "Closer" has a latin-feel to it and is really a good song. Track 5, "Longing For" introduces Emily Grace's voice to the mix and the combo of her femal voices lends itself for this song to be thousands of couples "song", good words, slow and up-tempo in the same song. All around I think this CD is great!


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