Friday, March 6, 2009

Fill Me In Friday

This is late, I know but I couldn't think of a question to ask for today so I thought I would share this video with whom ever wants to watch it. It represents my faith ( LDS) but I think that any woman could appreciate it. Hope you enjoy it and if you would like to share a video just add it to your blog as a post and then leave me a link to your blog in Mr. Linky. It can be a funny video, uplifting, or anything you want! I really hope that I can start getting more people to participate in this. Please?!


  1. I have this on my spiritual blog as well. Very well said. Feel free to check out all my blogs.

  2. That was beautiful. I loved it.

  3. Wow, how great was that clip? I loved it. I think we should put all of the conference talks to music! It's amazing how powerful they are.

    Love this post idea, it's great! Your blog is just so refreshing and fun. I love it!


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