Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Cool Posts

There are so many talented women bloggers out there that I thought I would share some posts that I really like - maybe I might start doing it every Thursday...

Over at Moms In A Blog, Dawn shares a great message about how to Love your child by teaching them to do what is right.

At Sunday Baker ,Tanya shares a recipe on the yummiest, cheap and easy garlic bread which I made tonight. It was a hit in our house! You have to check her other recipes out. I like that she is living in a really small town just like me!

One of my newest favorite blogs is 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven. She has 9 kids and manages to make them very nutritous meals everyday. Tonight I am making her whole wheat bread in the bread machine. So far it looks yummy!

One last thing is that I am on a waiting list to get a blog makeover. I am really excited! It won't be for awhile but I am thinking of getting a big group of giveaways together as the date draws nearer so if you are interested in participating let me know!

1 comment:

  1. I have been wanting to make some wheat bread. Maybe this weekend! I can't wait to see your blog makeover!!


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