Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
This week you can post your Not Me Monday here
1) I did not pray for baby Stellan ALL week.
2) I did not cry every time I did
3) I did not cry every time I looked at my boys after reading Stellan's updates
4) I did not step in pea in the bathroom the other day
5) I did not watch my sick son run around in circles for a full minute freaking out
only to stop in the middle of the living room naked and pea ALL OVER
6) I did not cry from laughing so hard when he did this
7) I did not become overwhelmed with posting giveaways
8) I did not totally rock an 'A' on my chemistry exam
9) I did not let my sick boy watch a gazillion hours of tv ( I would NEVER do that)
10)I did not watch Twilight 2 x's this week (would have been more but Cody wouldn't let me)

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