Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sugar Highs

I am addicted to sugar. At first it was just chocolate but now it's anything that has it. I hide it, hoard it and use it as a crutch. I really am being serious. I have done it my whole life (I won't start to psychoanalyze that) and it needs to stop. It is always on my mind throughout the day, with me wishing I could exercise more self control. It's pretty sad when I go straight to my stash the second after I put the boys to bed( not to mention the million times during the day) and fill up on sugar. Or when I sneak candy and my two year old asks me "What you eating mommy?" Sadly I LIE and say, it's mommy's vitamin. Oh I am so bad! Well I came across this and it has motivated me. Tomorrow it's a new me. If anyone else has this problem, maybe we could encourage each other!


  1. i have those daily VITAMINS, too! :)

    i am addicted to sweets, too!!!!

  2. i'm adding you to my blog list :)
    hope you don't mind! *

  3. Vitamins! I love it!
    That has to be akin to my telling the kids that the crust of bread has vitamins in it so they will eat it! right? right??


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