Saturday, October 4, 2008

Healthy Website

Has anyone heard of Azure Standard? My friend Jessica told me about them. It is a company (and a farm) that sell natural and organic foods from many different companies. You can have it shipped to you (which I think might be expensive) or you can set up a delivery spot. There are certain order minimums but if you can get a big enough group together to do an order it is well worth it. For many of you, you might not need this service because you are so very fortunate to live near a Whole Foods (oh how I miss you! ) or some other type of health food store. But I am in the middle of nowhere so I think this place rocks! Also you can order in bulk which is great for food storage! Don't be discouraged by the order requirements- get your friends to go in on it with you. Don't have friends? Then put an ad at your grocery store, or just call Azure and see if they have a dropoff point near you to get in touch with.


  1. Sounds really cool! I will have to check this out!

  2. holy cow... i am going to have to check your blog daily. I feel like I am so behind on the happenings of your life. I tagged you in my blog, so go check it out!

  3. coolio girl- it's only because i get so bored! I hope you're feeling ok!

  4. i am going to check that site out ASAP!

    thanks for the Heads Up :)


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