Friday, October 17, 2008

Look What I'm Not Going to be Doing...

For the next few days I will be much to busy to do the laundry,

and the cleaning.......
and you can forget about any cooking.....
and since I won't be doing any cooking, their won't be many dishes to wash......

all because I'll be reading this!

I am so excited to read this but sad that it's the last one. If you have read the series, what did you think? Too much hype, or was it better than you thought it would be?


  1. How awesome! I have read them all and enjoyed them! Happy reading :)

  2. enjoy! I loved it, no it's not too much hype, it was great

  3. Like mother, like daughter! I am getting addicted to the first book and have done very little during my fall break!

  4. I loved it once I finished it... It took me a long time to get into it but by the end I couldn't put it down!!! Let me know what you thought. Love ya babe!

  5. I have to say once you read it, take the time to read it again. I could not believe how much I got out of the second reading. I think a lot of us rush the reading b/c we are so excited. I forced myself to reread every word and I felt fully read.

    Also go to her site because you can read an excert from the book she is working on from Edward's point of view. Fantastic.

  6. I loved them. I think I'll take Paula's advice and reread at a much slower pace.


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