Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Raining It's Snowing!

Yesterday it was raining all day and then turned to snow! It's too soon- I need the Summer back! But I do think the boys look cute all bundled up!


  1. holy schniiikeeez!


  2. Snow in October...Wow! I'm just loving the 70-80s here in the SE, not at all wishing for snow!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. You have some great links! I think I added a ton to my google reader and spent the last 30 minutes checking them all out!

  3. Snow already! Get out the peppermint hot chocolate, my fav :)

  4. you guys actually got snow? we only got rain! It was almost snow but not quite!
    I really don't like the cold either, but this IS where we live....

  5. And we still have our air conditioning running!


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