Wednesday, October 22, 2008

100 Days to Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? Me either! I have some presents purchased but I have no set plans or organization ( how much to spend on each person, what to get, etc) But I found this cool site to get me going. 1oo Days to Christmas has a new idea or task everyday to prepare you for the holidays along with a great giveaway each week. I used to think it was silly to start buying Christmas presents in October but now I think it is genius! I have been finding toys in the clearance section and getting them for the boys here and there. I also read an idea somewhere about buying gift cards every time you go to the grocery store ( in my case Walmart). Then when it's time for you to buy your baking supplies (or presents if you go to Walmart) then you won't be overwhelmed with the cost. It's a little way to save!

What do you do to get ready for the holidays?


  1. Great ideas! I have abour 20 percent done. I need to get on it before the snow comes and the driving is tough!

  2. wow- 20 percent? and after reading your profile I think you might be very close to perfect!

  3. Awesome! I will check it out for sure!

  4. I am enjoying her challenge also. I love starting early! Not to rush the season, but to be prepared and to enjoy the time with family. :)


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