Monday, October 27, 2008

Look What I Scored!

I don't even remember requesting this but I got Halloween Kit from Bear Naked

Granola! They sent a shirt - and it's not one of those cheap ones, a bag, a sticker, and lots of bags of granola to hand out to trick or treaters. I will be using them for my goody bags at our halloween party. And they sent the kit FedEx. Fancy Schmancy!


  1. Fantastic. Feels like you got a present out of the blue huh? I love when something cool like that happens. The kids look cute. I remember those days. Even though I am only 38 my daughter is 20. When she was little we would do trick or treat and go see the grandparents then off to Mc D's for dinner.

  2. thats awesome! i should start requesting things like that.


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