Friday, October 3, 2008

Lazy Days

I was a little productive today but not enough to rid me of my guilt for my laziness. But here is what we did. Side note: I am so slow to blogging and don't know how to post a pic and then have some writing and then do another pic so you will be getting it all at once for now.

Finished up this basic blanket for the boys and then the little angels found a new use for it. Then we made a Halloween craft that I saw on someone else's blog- another one I forgot but let me know if it was you! Ki named him Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin. I realized that I'm a lot like Kate on John and Kate Plus 8. My husband would agree. Kate doesn't like her kids to do crafts because it's too messy. That's me. The whole time I kept telling myself " they need to experience this, they're just kids..." but then when they started going glue crazy, I had to take over. But we did it together and they think they made it so that's what matters, right?


  1. cute stuff there!!!!

  2. thanks! you are so faithful with your comments- I'm so lucky!

  3. What cute kids you have :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you! I think so until I give them cinnamon rolls before conference and they go crazy from the sugar!

  5. I love the blanket! I love john deere.... you should see the twins room -- john deere and strawberry shortcake.
    Troy's more like you with the messes, I'm a clean it up later kinda gal.

  6. you should see all the john deere fabric they have at walmart

  7. I know that I am biased but I think their blankets are going to be adorable!



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