Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok so I found out about this a little late but it is an important topic that doesn't need to be mentioned on only one day right? Today is Blog Action Day. Poverty is such a silent thing these days but it affects so many. There are a lot of things in this world today that occupy our time and focus( things that are good and not so good) that this subject can go overlooked. So many people go hungry- so many children. I'm not writing to pretend like I am an expert on poverty or how to end it, but awareness can cause us to take action! I had a dear friend once (who shall remain nameless although I would love to say who) who did something that I will never forget. Times were tough and money was tight- tighter than tight. One day after running some errands my husband and I came home to find a card in the door. In it was a gift card for $100 for a grocery store and only signed "a friend". Of course I knew her handwriting and after much convincing, she eventually admitted that she was the one who had left it. Someone had done it for her and she did it for me. I will ALWAYS remember that. Now I wasn't in poverty. I am not in poverty. I don't know much about it, but, we probably don't realize what others are going through. We can help even if we don't have much to give. If you go to Blog Action Day you can give money- even $25 to start a business loan for someone. Or you can grow a garden and share it with others. Donate change at McDonalds, buy a few food items that are on sale and donate to your local food pantry. Make a meal for someone who doesn't have much. Anything can help. I know that I need to be more aware of those around me and how I can help and shift my thinking. If we just see "that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" Alma 37:6 we can do little things that can make a big impact. How about you? Do you have any thoughts or ideas on what we can do to help those in need?


  1. Yes everytime i hear that song it reminds me of when we were younger. we had some many songs that we would belt out- lol if only we realized what some of the songs we were singing were actually about. Oh i miss you like crazy!

  2. that was so sweet of your FRIEND :)

  3. I like to surprise someone (with a little thing) when they don't expect it....

    someone in front of me at the grocery store and they didn't realize that they are a few dollars short for their total... instead of them putting something back I give the clerk the extra and tell the person to do it for someone who might need it one day.


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