Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love Packages

My wonderful friend from AZ sent me a package the other day.

She sent me the third Twilight book which I finished at 1:30 this morning- can't wait for the 4th!
And this show by Masterpiece Theater- she says it's soooo good- Can't wait! And then she sent me a gift card to Old Navy AND Borders! I think I might get these.....
Or maybe these.....
I am so thankful that even though we moved far away from friends and family, they still keep in touch and are so thoughtful! My mom called today and said she is sent out a package today- can't wait to see the goodies. I'll have to post about it when it comes.


  1. dontcha just love getting mail like that!?!?! wooo hooo!!!

    i love the TWILIGHT books!

    gosh...i love 'em!

    i can't wait to see the movie!!!!!

  2. I know- but how do you cope when you are done with the series? I'm scared of having withdrawls!

  3. I just began reading Twilight and you never should have told me how good the book is because I suspect I will spend my fall break reading all of the books. I won't get any lesson planning done.....
    As far as having withdrawals... I go through them each year I finish the newest book from John Saul.

  4. How awesome! What a great friend! You deserve it :)

  5. I just recently bought the movie Jane Erye, my friend told me I'd love it a few years ago. i really like it, hope you do to.


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