Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well according to my husband who keeps calling it Thanksgiving! So Happy early Easter! Before I post the next giveaway I had to share some Easter pics. The Easter Bunny comes the day before Easter in our house to make my Sunday before church less hectic.

I am really proud of myself this year because I only spent a total of $14 for both baskets. I think that's good- $7 each.... I stocked up on clearance toys at Walmart for the boys. The boys REALLY wanted some official football player shoes with the spikes. Walmart had size 12 on clearance for $5 so I got them. Yes they are way too big but they are just going in their dress up box so it's ok. Then a bubble gun, a football player, and a sticky hand and your set! My mom sent them Learning Leap Frog Math Circus so we don't have to rent it from Netflix anymore. Overall it was a success! In 1 second they had the candy eaten- yes the one day in the year where they can have candy for breakfast.

Check out their faces as soon as they saw their baskets... priceless!


  1. LOL...DO you mean Happy Easter! That is cute :)


  2. Thanksgiving? lol love your makeover.

  3. Their expressions are too cute! Happy Easter!!!

  4. I so miss my guys (and you and Cody, of course) I can't wait to see you all! Happy Easter (and Happy Thanksgiving to Cody)

  5. I love their faces! Great baskets you put together. My daughters are teens, so I got them each a Dunkin Donut gift card, a CVS gift card (for cosmetics), nail polish, body wash, etc. It was so much easier (less expensive) when I could buy a jump rope, jacks, sidewalk chalk, a hula hoop and bubbles for their baskets when they were younger. Have a wonderful Easter!


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