Friday, April 3, 2009

Cloud B Review

I have a hard time with my boys being scared of the dark. Every nightlight I have used is either too bright or too soft. Then I received the Twilight Turtle from Cloud B and my boys have been much happier about bed time. The handpainted Twilight Turtle is a turtle that projects a beautiful starry display on your walls and ceiling. It creates a soothing environment to help your little ones relax into sleep. My favorite feature is the color options. You can choose different colors for the stars. It also helps my boys feel in control by allowing them the choice of colors. There are also constellations that you can search for with your child.

This is just one of several products Cloud B has that helps a child feel safe and relaxed at night. I want to try the Twilight Sea Turtle- it displays endangered sea animals. Cloud B also offers other sleep gear for babies. If you would like to purchase a Cloud B product then head over to their website. These make great baby shower presents!

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