Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fill in the Blankie Review and Discount

I love baby blankets. My boys never got attached to them but I just love them. The different styles, colors and the thought of something just making you feel all warm and cozy. At fill in the blankie they offer all of that.

fill in the blankie has the cutest, prettiest personalized embroidered blankets for your little one. I received one in soft green with a beautiful satin trim that is embroidered with a cute puppy and says "That's What Little Boys Are Made Of". I have to tell you, the blanket is sooo soft. It's a little piece of heaven.

I love how there are so many cute fabrics to choose from and that you can have what ever wording you want on the border of the blanket. They even have Amy Butler fabric! fill in the blankie makes very high quality blankets and is offering you 10% off your order! Just enter mycpn for the discount. These blankets are another great baby shower gift or for just because to make your little one feel comfortable and cozy!


  1. What a cute idea... I am definitely getting one my son with all his birth information on it. I love the prints and wish i has a girl.


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