Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Skoy Cloth Review

In the last couple of years I have given up buying and using paper towels to be more green and save some moola. Instead we use wash rags but I have always wondered if I am really saving money since I have to wash my rags in the washing machine. Well, I still don't know but I did get to try a product that doesn't make me wonder.

Skoy cloths are a great alternative to using paper towels. Did you know that around 2.5 million tons of paper towels are put in landfills annually? One Skoy cloth outlasts 15 rolls of paper! Skoy clothes are bio-degradable and durable. It holds 15x it's own weight and you can wash it in your washing machine, dry it in your dryer or wash it in your dishwasher. That is what I have been doing when I wash my dishes. It is convenient and I don't have to worry about wasting money! I am really glad I got to try these. You can purchase Skoy clothes online here.

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