Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bumbleride Stroller Review

OH MY WORD! I have found my life support. Who knew that a stroller could do so much for a woman? Isn't it beautiful? It is a Indie Bumbleride Stroller in Seagrass and it is fabulous. I was fortunate enough to be able to sample this stroller and I will never go back to the generic brand I have been using.
First of all I have been using a really bad double stroller for the past two years. When I first purchased it I was so excited that I had gotten such a great deal on it online. My boys and I have had a lot of memories with it but the saying is true " you get what you pay for." It finally was just so awful that when the first snow came this winter, I left it outside. I was done with it!
The Indie is so amazing. First of all it is very chic and modern. The style and the design of the stroller are not only functional but pretty too! It even has great features like a cup holder, plenty of storage and sits higher up than what I am used to so you don't have to brake your back strapping your little one in. The handle bar is even adjustable.
The front wheel is adjustable so that you can have it straight for "brisk walks" or adjust it to go all over the place. I love how smoothly the Indie rides as well. I accidentally ran over some toy blocks in my house with it, and I didn't even notice.
The storage is nice and roomy which is important to me because when I go shopping my boys are always handing me things to hold. It's is a perfect fit for all your shopping bags if you go to the mall or a very large diaper bag.
The boys are really into being independent and walking on their own when we go out but Jackson was so excited to ride in the Indie. He did have to keep reaffirming to me that he is a big boy even though he was riding in a stroller. When I have another baby this stroller will be used all the time. The great thing is that there are infant car seats that are compatible with Bumbleride strollers and you can even purchase car seat covers to match your stroller! How perfect is that?
Bumbleride doesn't just have strollers. They have toddler seats, bassinets and this cute and convenient carrier called Carrycot. I really will need one of these when I have the next one. I have never been so impressed with a stroller and now know that for items like this, I need to spend more to get the results I need and to feel safe using it on my child. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Bumbleride!


  1. How lucky are you?! I hope we get a new stroller for this new baby.

  2. I got my bag yesterday that I won!!!!!!! I love it. Even though I don't have a baby, I think I will use it for an overnight bag for myself. Love the color . SO I AM WAY EXCITED. thanks ashley

  3. Wish they were more affordable, cause I love them!

  4. Wow! Good for you! I'd love to sample a new stroller. It looks great!

  5. We can say that stroller is a life support for women .It is very important to have stroller like Bumble ride which is very essential to carry baby when we are out for some thing like jogging and shopping. I have Mickey sport pushchair for my baby it supports me every time when we go out for shopping and picnics. It has got every thing that a perfect stroller should have.


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