Saturday, February 21, 2009

Me4Kidz Review

I am sad to say that up until recently I did not have a first aid kit. Now before anyone starts thinking that I must be a bad parent ( I know I'm so dramatic) I have to say that I have one in our car in our 72 hour kit. I also have a big box stored up high in a pantry that I throw all my medicine and band aids, etc in. I hate that box! It is so disorganized and will always stay that way.

So when I had the chance to review Me4Kidz I was so happy. Me4Kidz stands for Medical Emergencies for Kidz and is a family owned company. Their mission statement is "To provide quality, user-friendly first aid products that are durable, comprehensive and encourage heightened awareness of the most common injuries."Clean it, Fix it & Back to Play"™.

When I received my Medibag 4 Kids I was so excited to have all the things I need in case of an emergency stored neatly in a child friendly box. The kit had things in it that I have never seen in a regular first aid kit. Like surgical gloves (which I had to pry from Ki's hands- he loves gloves), kid friendly tweezers, and stickers. I feel like I have my very own Mary Poppin's bag because it stores everything! I also like that the plastic to make the kit is 100% recyclable and lead-free. Also their products are made in the USA which is always a bonus.

Me4Kidz also has convenient diaper bag first aid kits, and even a kit for your pet! I love that I have a peace of mind to have everything I need in one place that is organized for me so I don't have to spend forever hunting down items. I also like that the kit comes with a card for a free refill kit! So if you would like to get more prepared for an emergency then head over to Me4kidz and check out all they offer.


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