Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Juicer Winner and Toy Clutter

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Congrats to Diana D! I sent you an email!

Yesterday I decided I was so sick of cleaning up toys. I was so done with all of the toy clutter. In the past I would tell the boys that we were going to pick out some toys to give away to boys and girls that didn't have any. This never seemed to really work before. Ki would always say " but Santa will bring them some." What can I say to that? Then they would get super clingy with toys that they never play with. Then I found the book Too Many Toys by David Shannon ( which I got from Children's Book of the Month Club and I highly recommend NEVER joining but that is another blog post). The book is about a boy has way too many toys and one day his mother has had it. She goes through negotiations with her son getting rid of several toys. So I have been reading it to them and I think it rubbed off on them because I gathered ALL of their toys in the center of the living room and we went through every toy. With each one I asked should we keep it or give it away? To my surprise they mostly said "Give it away". It was actually harder on me then them.
I started remembering when they first got a certain toy or how cute they were playing with it and it was hard for me to put it in the box. I found myself saying a couple of times " Are you sure you want to get rid of this?' and the boys would say " but boys and girls need to play with it!". I was so proud of them and was able to get rid of a lot of toy clutter. It felt so good, and I didn't have a battle this time!
PS: While I am typing this my husband is teaching my boys how to make farting noises with their armpits! I need a girl!


  1. How neat that you found a book to get your point across. I always accuse my kids of THIER kids having way to many toys. So good job on the "clean out" and happy boys and girls who will receive them.
    p.s I love making farting noise with my arm pits. (sorry)


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