Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mabel's Labels Review

A little while ago you may have seen my post about wanting to go to BlogHer and how Mabel's Labels was sponsoring the trip to one lucky blogger. Well I didn't win, but I did get to try out their cool labels! I didn't even realize how much I would need them until I actually got them and used them. Now I don't know how I made it without them!

Mabel's Labels was started and is run by 4 moms who know what it is like to lose a child's belonging. They created labels that are not only pleasing to the eye but are convenient, washable and help you stay organized. There are several different types of labels to choose from. For awhile I had gone back and forth about getting a label maker but didn't see how I would get a lot of use out of it. That's what is so neat about Mabel's Labels. You just get your set and you're done! I got to try the Sticky Labels that have my boys names on them with cute little icons. For awhile I was using garage sale stickers on their sippy cups so I could tell who's was whose ( I know pretty sad!) The boys were so excited to have their own sticker with their name and I was thrilled that I could wash them in the dishwasher without them falling off!

I also got to try the Bin labels, Canister Labels, and the Spice Labels. Mabel's Labels also have some great labels if your child has an allergy, or a 411 label when you take your child to a crowded place like the mall. It has your contact info printed on it in case your child is lost ( I really want to get some of those!)
I am really thankful I got to try these out and I am already starting my spring cleaning since the labels have motivated me.

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  1. Hey Q-T! Hope things are going well there!
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