Friday, February 20, 2009

Fill Me In Friday

Ok, if you see what time this was posted at, you will see that I am up very late, or early depending on how you look at it. Cody has gone back to the railroad and I am not used to his funky hours yet. I will be paying for it tomorrow! I just have a hard time sleeping when he's away.

Anyways, I have started something new . I have been wanting to do this for awhile now but was worried that I might forget to post this every week. But I'm going to give it a shot. I wanted a way to get to know my followers better (and anyone who happens to stop by) and have a way to share tips with each other so I chose to do one day a week where I pick a topic that you can write a post about on your blog and share the link on here. That way you get some linky love too! I know I am finally catching up with my fellow bloggers. Anyways, I couldn't wait to start so I just picked Fridays and made the title work with it. Not a super cute title but it will work.

So, today's topic is What is your morning routine? It may sound boring to some but I always wonder what other women do. Maybe I can become inspired reading what your routine is in the morning or maybe it will be therapeutic for me to know that I'm not the only one who stays in workout pants all day without actually working out!

So if you are still reading this, here is my morning routine:
  • wake up around 7am sometimes earlier sometimes later and I only because I have too
  • turn on shows for the boys and give them a "snack" which is really breakfast but that's what they call it
  • Start blogging!
  • feel guilty for blogging when I could be working out
  • stop blogging around 8:30 is- I'm really lying because I don't want you to think I let my boys watch tv all day- cause I don't just in the morning
  • turn off tv and at somepoint maybe eat something, wash my face, brush my teeth
  • for the next few hours wander around the house staightening up, getting snacks and breaking up fights

so that's my morning everyday of the week! pretty fabulous! so let me know what your routine is and make sure you post it in Mr. Linky!


  1. Most of our morning routine is me getting up at 5:30(yes, I said 5:30am) and waking up ds for seminary ( After getting him up, dh takes him while I sit down and get some online time. I am a morning person, although 5:30 is a bit early. lol

    Once dh and ds get home from seminary, I'm usually either getting into the shower, or out of, depending on my mood.

    Most mornings dh is gone to work by 7:30. I then proceed to wake up dd who is 12 so she has time to get up and eat before we start our morning devotional at 8:30. Dd5 is usually on the couch snoozing after waking up around 7 or 7:30 for her chocolate milk breakfast. She usually wakes back up around 8ish.

    By 9am we're almost done with devotional or are done. I then let the girls go off and get dressed and play for 30 min. This is mainly for dd 5 so she can have a bit of fun before school.

    9:30 journals are done and then math is started. Usually done by 10:30 since it seems to take forever for math to get started. Ds 15 usually takes a bit longer with his math since he's doing pre-algebra. By 11 we're reading our history "story of the world". By 11:30 we visit Krampf science videos and see what looks interesting.

    12pm is usually our lunch time, but varies depending on the day. After lunch is chore time again depending on the day. I ALWAYS have dishes to get washed(remember I have teens) or food to put away(teens forget these things lol).

    My kids are also encouraged to explore their interests after helping mom out a bit. So I guess we're structured in the morning, then unschooling rest of the day.

    Sorry this took so long.


  2. Haha, we have the same life! And the same guilt it looks like!

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  5. I am a teacher, so my morning routine depends on what I need to do before my students get to school. I am more of a morning person, so I like to update our class website:, grade papers, check emails from the previous night and driving to school I have a CD in for morning prayers.

    My favorite part of my morning routine is my morning prayers while driving to work. March 6th will be the one year anniversary of me being in a very bad auto accident (not my fault) on the way to school. I had been doing my morning prayers when the accident occurred and to this day it reminds me of God's love. When I saw the car coming at me doing 45 mph (running a red light)I asked God to get me out of this situation. My right leg was broken in 6 places and I was out of school for the rest of the school year. I should have been in much worse shaped, but I wasn't. I didn't have any other injuries or any of the depression that I was warned I would go through. So, I like to have the daily reminder that I am so loved an protected each day.


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