Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mabels Labels Blogher '09 Contest

I am attempting something big here. Well, big for me. I have this confidence problem when it comes to trying new things. Rather, things that I want so badly but think " Why should I try?" Well, I want something really badly right now. I want to go to the BlogHer's Annual Conference. At first I was thinking " I can't afford it." Then I was thinking " Why would I go when so many successful, professional bloggers will be there?" Then while in contact with a sweet woman named Caitlin ( no I'm not trying to score brownie points- unless it's working) about a product review ( coming soon! ) with Mabel's Labels Inc., she mentioned a contest that they are offering to sponsor the trip to the BlogHer '09! To enter you have to post about the following question:

What have been the rewards and benefits of participating in the blogging community? Well this is my blog and I have the right to get corny if necessary, so here I go! I started this blog to share pics and stories of the fam to all my friends and family who are so far away from us. Then I saw how incredibly huge the blogging world is. Suddenly a whole new world of recipes, jokes, music, mom tips, money saving ideas, decorating, the list goes on, was opened to me. The thing that has really impacted me since I began my blog is the outpouring of love that other women have for people they have never net before. I have been touched by the kindness of others through kind words, gifts, and a few good laughs! More importantly, the amount of support that women give to others who are struggling.

The NieNie Dialogues are a perfect example of how people work together to share their love and support. There has also been support for the loss of a child, a loved one, supporting each other through these tough economical times. The blogging community is about sharing. Whether it's about your day, about your personal struggles, or something uplifting, the message is always to share. What a positive impact in a world that some days just seems depressing. Why watch the news when you can blog? It is a lot less scary here. I am so thankful (cue the corny soap opera music) for the outlet that blogging has been for me. I moved to ND over a year ago and I know that if I didn't have blogging, I would go insane! I am also so thankful for the great products that I have been able to try and share with all of my readers! How great to it has been to tell a winner of a giveaway- You Won! I am thankful for the chance to enter this contest and good luck to anyone else who is entering!


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