Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fill Me In Friday

Today's Fill Me In Friday is about Weakness. Everyone has one or two. I have about a million. Chocolate, blogging, bad soap operas. The one that I have been struggling with for years is being too controlling. Ask my husband. It's something I have really tried to work on but can't seem to nip in the butt. Maybe I could find a good book and then I can be cured! It's hard being a controlling person when you have toddlers. I really want to change so that they can feel completely comfortable around me. Any one have any tips?

So, what is one of your weaknesses? It can be something so small and silly or something bigger. Here's what you do: Write a post on your blog and then come back to the Mr Linky form and leave the link to your blog so others can visit.


  1. Freah baked Choc chip cookies!!!

  2. I'm glad you visited my blog...thanks for commenting! And I am sure that your boys understand how special they are when they say "I am a child of God."

    As for not being controlling, that's a hard one. I try to allow my kids to have a choice when it doesn't really matter and then tell myself that it doesn't really matter. For example, their choice of clothes is not always what I would choose for them. But unless we are taking family pictures or going to church, it's not worth the fight.

    Also, I have to make sure that I am taking care of myself. I need to get adequate sleep and eat a diet of healthy foods or else I get grumpy easily. And if I'm grumpy, things that didn't bother me before start bothering me.

  3. Bad soap operas...too funny!!! Mine is TOTALLY chocolate. Like a sick obsession! If it's in the house, I will eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That is why it's never in my house!!! and if it is, it's gone in a second. I seriously eat something chocolate every day!! What is wrong with me!?!!

  4. My weaknesses are definitely chocolate (or sometimes just sweets in general) and stickers. I can't pass by a scrapbook sticker without buying one! Can you tell me what a Mr. Linky is, and how would I leave the link like you said at the end of this post?


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