Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grocery Shopping with Toddlers

When we first moved to North Dakota, my husband was away for 4 months training to be a conductor for the railroad. When I had to grocery shopping with my 3 year old and two year old boys, it was an all day event. To save money ( but not gas ) we go to Walmart which is about 65 miles from here. By the time I got me and the boys ready and packed all their neccessaties, and then drove to Walmart, the morning would be gone.

The boys would sit in the shopping cart with the groceries because they don't have those cool car carts at my Walmart. Between trying to save money, indecisiveness, and the boys killing each other, it would take 2, yes, 2 hours to get my groceries ( I also shop for two weeks at a time so I don't need to come back again). My groceries would be crushed and opened from the boys and the cold items would melt. Then we would get lunch, go potty ( which takes FOREVER!!!!!) and make the trek back home.

By the time we got home it would be almost bed time- since I put my kids down early when they don't have a nap. I need something to look forward too! After unpacking the groceries I always would be missing something. The cashiers don't always check those round thingies that holds your bags so it's my loss. By the time the kids went to bed I was ready to cry!

Now that Cody is home it's much easier but still a few hiccups. We all go to Walmart but Cody drops me off and takes the boys to go get a smoothie. Then they come back and hang out while I finish up and then we go get lunch. This is soooooooo much easier, but yesterday a certain little shopper snuck some items in the cart. When we got home we found this

I didn't buy this and neither did Cody. After investigating we discovered our youngest, Jackson, had put them in the cart. Of all the things at Walmart to try to sneak into the cart, and he picks diced tomatoes and poultry seasoning! I'll just add it to my food storage. At least it wasn't expensive!
Sidenote- couldn't get this post to not underline. Sorry!
Do you have any shopping with kids stories? Please share!


  1. Oh that's funny that he snuck those in! At least it's stuff that stores well?

  2. sounds exausting! & I love that story! for some reason, my kids aren't too exausting unless I'm somewhere without a shoping cart to keep them intact. now that's when I start getting a bit crazy


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