Saturday, November 1, 2008

An Experiment

My husband has a problem. A big one that could cause us a lot of marital stress (ok sometimes it does) but I have learned to ignore it. He rarely reads my blog so maybe he won't even know that I am posting this- Cody's fam- not a word! Well Cody is messy. He doesn't pick up after himself- ever!!!!!! I have tried so many things. Nagging, sweetly reminding him several times, throwing his stuff on his pillow on the bed. The Box was a great idea at first. I got a box and any time he left his stuff out I would throw it in the box. That way if he was wondering why he didn't have any clean socks, I would say "Did you check the box?" No arguments. But then I got sick of the box. Sick of seeing it overflow, not to mention that I was still picking up his stuff. So now it has turned into a pile in our living room. Most of his messes are in the living room so now his messes get put in a corner of the room. Well one day I decided to see how long it would last.

Here is Day 1

Day 3- my we have grown!

Day 5- Now the box has seemed to move to the center....

One Week- You can barely even see the box now!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my word! Has anyone ever heard of the woman who had just had like her fourth baby and was sick of trying to get her family to pick up after themselves? She asked them one last time and they didn't do it so she grabbed whatever was on the floor and posted it on Ebay! She made bank too. Her husbands Palm Pilot was on there. I don't think anyone wants my husbands stinky work clothes or empty soda bottles! One day I will figure out a solution! Honey, if your reading this- I love you! This is me getting back at you for all the times you have scared, startled or tricked me! Did it work?


  1. okay so i'll let you in on my conclusion that make stress go away. my husband doesn't pick up his things either. once i came to the conclusion that he never would change, I started doing it & life was less stressful on me in that area. sometimes things get lost, he just has to figure it out and find it. sorry that's not very fun but it probably would reduce marital stress

  2. it is a tough thing... I have a messy son, I just ask myself, is it worth the battle? You cant just shut the door... maybe easier to just pick it up, I know .. not fun, but we all have things about our spouses that well... arent what we would choose.

  3. wow, u need to tell that slob to clean up. Stand up for yourself and make him bend over to pick his junk up.

    He's got hands. He's a big boy & you're not his mother. Some men don't treat their wives like that.

    You're too beautiful to be taken advantage of like that; stand up for yourself girl! :)

  4. I am Laughing so hard I have tears. Oh my gosh. That is just like my house. Only I have 3 of them!!!!!! I have to agree with Heidi. He will never change. Never. Greg and I have been together over 20 years and like you I tried everything. The same things you mentioned. lol..... It will never work. Men are born this way. They never really grow up. When I tell Greg he never does anything around here, his answer is "I bring home the bacon".... Can't argue with that, but it still makes me mad. But like mcewens said, you have to pick your battles. this is something you will argue about forever if you want to argue about it. So like all good wives, I pick it up. If I left it the pile would get to be a mountain. lol... (it is anyway). You should see his side of the bed. UGH.... Every day I laugh and say "you are such a slob" He says, "yeah, but you love me anyway" Can't argue with that either. So Ash, I hate to tell you, but you are going to have to deal with it, unless you come up with some brilliant idea to stop it. And if you do, please share. You would be one rich little chick. This is butch by the way, once again they wont except my password.

  5. ok just to clear things up- my husband is messy, but is hard working, going to school, caring and plays with the boys because I'm just not a player. being messy is his weakness just like he can't stand my cooking is mine. he doesn't treat me like a slave or anything. i'm just too prideful to pick up after him sometimes!

  6. I just came across your blog and am laughing because this is my exact situation too! My hubby even leaves cabinets and drawers wide open! But, I love him, so I think I have learned to just ignore it right along with him!


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