Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simple Finds

Now I am not one to flaunt things in peoples faces BUT I have been winning some giveaways lately. Each time I get a package in the mail from a giveaway I feel so grateful to the person who sent it to me that I want to at least post their info on my blog so that you can check them out too.

The first one I'll mention is one I won today on Simple Finds . I LOVE this blog! There are always cute reviews on items that I have never seen before that are way trendy. Here is what I won

I got to choose a tie for my son from Ties For Tots. How cute are these? Plus they are only $7.50! These are just some of the unique things you will find on Simple Finds.
Throughout the week I will be posting about my other wins so you can check out some other great blogs.


  1. I think I'm going to have to indulge in a few ties, so cute.

  2. Darn, my daughter just bought Donald Trump ties (for all the guys and boys in our family)for our son's wedding next month...

    oh, well, I'll check the link for other good stuff...there's always shopping to be done, right ?
    Thanks !

  3. How awesome. I had the hardest time finding preston a tie. I finally was given one by my sister-in-law who was getting rid of a ton of things. i love those ties, they are so cute. thanks for sharing

  4. Those ties are so adorable! Thanks for sharing :)


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