Saturday, November 8, 2008

How To Use A Flat Iron

In my Blessings Abound newsletter they featured Misikko a website for styling products like flat irons, and blow dryers. They have some videos ( see below ) on how to use a flat iron properly. The following videos are on how to curl your hair with a flat iron and the second is how to properly straighten your hair. They also have one on how to flip your hair on their website. I think I am going to be doing some practicing!

Do you have any styling tips?


  1. My daughters are always looking for new ways todo their hair. Thanks.

  2. I love curling my hair with my flat iron! I think the curl comes out so much better.

  3. My mother in law called me last night and told me she just saw on "ellen" that if you have frizzy hair like I do, you should dry your hair with paper towels instead of a regular towel. I am going to try it today and ssee what happens. lol... I also use my flat iron to curl my hair under or flip. I just frosted my hair so it is really dry so I use my Arbonne skin conditioning oil on it and it is great!!! just a little dab'l do ya.


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