Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wake Up on Time Review and Giveaway

My husband was the guinea pig for this product and boy was he happy. He got to try a dietary supplement called Wake Up On Time. It's a new, all natural supplement created by a mom ( I love that) who had a hard time waking up in the morning. This helps you wake up without an alarm! It's non- habit forming and uses only the finest ingredients.

Here is a description from the site: " Wake UP On Time is designed to be taken before going to bed. The 100% natural and scientifically proven ingredients are coated in a delayed-release tablet. This special coating allows the ingredients to disperse throughout the body only at the end of the average persons sleep cycle so they wake up feeling refreshed, alert and full of energy. Unlike other supplements, you do not need to take Wake Up On Time for weeks or months before benefiting from results. Every bottle is guaranteed to produce results with your very first dose. "

Normally my hubby won't take pills, (I can barely get him to take a vitamin) but he has really been struggling to stay awake though out the day since he gave up Coca Cola a week ago. He noticed a difference right away. He took one dose before bed and didn't have any problems sleeping through the night. The next day when the boys came in to wake us up I got to sleep in while Cody got up with them! Wow, this benefits me too! He has noticed energy throughout the day but doesn't seem wired or anything.

The people at Wake Up On Time are generously giving away one bottle of the sweet stuff! To enter visit the site and leave me a comment on one interesting thing about the product.

For extra entries leave a separate comment for each of the following:
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  • if you tweet this contest and leave me the link
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Giveaway ends on Jan. 14th 11:59 pm


  1. It has B vitamins, Siberian ginseng, L-tyrosine and guarana seed extract.

  2. It's featured in over 300 stores. I would love to try this for my husband. I never met any adult who had such a hard time getting up!
    Thanks for the entry

    tonyamcrain [at] aol [dot] com

  3. it's got B vitamins and ginseng :)

  4. tweet


  6. My interesting find about the product is that it'll help me wake up rested and full of energy BEFORE my kids. Now that sounds like good stuff!

    Ok, I'm a follower AND I tweeted (, too. :)

  7. The ingredients slowly start to disperse throughout the body as you sleep.

  8. I like that it's a delayed release tablet, works all day!! I'd love to try this, I'm fighting to stay awake right now!!


  9. It has The 100% natural ingredients.

  10. Love that it gets you up & gives you energy but has no adverse side effects, sounds great!

  11. I like that it's made of 100% natural ingredients, I need something to get me up in the morning!


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