Monday, January 12, 2009

Bloggers who have Blessed Me!

I going to take a minute to be a cheese ball. I have been given so much this week from fellow bloggers! I wanted to thank them all on my blog so that you can go check out their blog and see how awesome they are! First off Andreah at Life's A Hoot won a flashing header for her blog from BloggerBoutique and she gave it to me! (it will be up soon!) Can you believe it? Cody said she probably felt sorry for how basic my blog is- the stinker- but I know it's because she is a great heart and an adorable blog!

Then I won a beautiful print of the Savior from Trying to Stay Calm pictured above. She is so giving, she always makes my day! If you go to her blog you will see that she has a TON of followers but not because she does a bunch of giveaways. She's just a sweet person!

THEN my friend Lynn from Lynn's Kitchen sent me a package of lots of presents that she wrapped so pretty!(I stole Trying to Stay calm's pic for it) It included chocolate which totally made my day. This woman has been so kind to me and is always leaving cute comments just because.

THEN my friend Jamaise from Wishing Penny gave me a Blog Popz. Do you know what that is? Well I have read about it about 3 times and am still figuring it out but you can win prizes. It's on my sidebar. She is so thoughtful and is having her FIRST giveaway tomorrow! It hasn't been revealed yet and can't wait to see what it is! Make sure you check it out.

And then I received a Lemonade award from Christine at The Power of Housewife Word of Mouth. How cool is that? You have to check her out!
Now I know that there have been others who have really blessed me but I would have to write until midnight to share them all so I'll just stick with the most current ones. I really am thankful for everyone who reads my blog (or stalks!) and I hope I can start to be more giving too!


  1. Awwww... how SWEET! Thanks for being such a sweet friend! You are awesome! L♥ve and Hugs :)

  2. Wow - it must be that you are deseving of blessings :) Good for you. Thanks for your help :)))

  3. WOW, there really are some amazing, brilliant, creative Blogs out there. Some awesome give aways, some great writings, some pretty educational/insightful. Mine is well, "ho hum", but I am learning as I go. I am meeting some fun, heartwarming and intersting people out there. I don't have alot to offer, except maybe some "motherly" advise for the young moms out there as my kids are all grown and now I am seeing the fruits (or fruitless??) of my labors. Maybe I can share some of those insights with you since I've been there done that. Maybe, I'll try. -- tons of amazing blogs out there (I am repeating myself, we do that when we get older)

  4. That is so sweet. I am new to the blogging world and hope to have as much success at it as you. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks

  5. That is so sweet Ashley ! I am really happy to have found your blog. You're the best !


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