Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Fabulous!

At least Suzy Q Homemaker seems to think so! I have been really wanting this. Just look at her! She looks like she just stepped off the Champs E'lysees( a ritzy mall) in France. One of these days when I'm a little more organized I will get all my awards together on my sidebar- as if I have so many!
By the way, do you notice anything different? I am so grateful for my new look from Blogger Boutique! She gave me a face lift and I love it! She designed the header for free thanks to my very generous pal Andreah over at Life's A Hoot- who by the way is having a Big Birthday Giveaway Bash!.
Ok now on to the rules of the award. My 5 addictions:
  1. Netflix. It is so awesome- does anyone say awesome any more? It has been my saving grace since I live in no man's land. The last movie I watched from them was The Women. Have you seen it? Please Don't ! It's a train wreck. I did love Meg Ryan's hair at the end though. Anyways, Netflix is the best. How do video stores stay in business now?
  2. My house. It's winter and I have hardly any stores around me. We drive to other towns for something to do but that is getting old. When we go I have been getting homesick lately. Not in an unhealthy way. I just miss it. I don't like getting out of my routine because when we have been gone for so long my house just falls apart!
  3. Workout pants. I know it's the biggest fashion faux pas but they are just so darn comfortable! Plus it's hard for me to find a pair that fits evenly with my high hips and little no butt. What a great visual! So when I find one that almost works and is on sale I snatch it up.
  4. Magazines! Oh they have everything- recipes, tips on how not to flip out on my kids, health news. I can't get enough of them. I did have a HUGE collection that I kept meaning to go through. They have followed me from so many moves and I finally just threw them all out. It was so freeing. But now I have a new collection starting next to my couch that I need to nip in the butt.
  5. Well here's a few in one because they don't really count since almost everyone has them too. Chocolate, Twilight books, and wedding cake!

Ok here is who I tag

Emma from Who is Emma? Michelle from the Froggy Bottom Blog, Lynn from Lynn's Kitchen, Liz from LizzyDear's Life and LaBelle's and Yorkies so you will start posting!

OH and be sure to check out Nienie's blog tomorrow. Stephanie is finally coming home after a long recovery from the accident.


  1. Wow, this new blog layout is adorable! I really love it!

  2. Beautiful new look...I love it !

    I'm taking the tag...How fun Ashley LOL

  3. I did blog this morning but hey I will take the tag. lol...

  4. Thanks for the award! Your blog looks great. I will work on this, but I a needing to post my 100th entry and I have been trying to decide what to write. I am thinking about doing a give away. So I will post that before I do the award, but thank you so much for it and look for it to be on very soon. :)

  5. Thanks Ashley, I am excited! And I do love your blog-lift! Very cute. Thanks again.


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