Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lily on the Fly Review and Discount

I am really happy to be sharing this with you fellow bloggers! I have the hardest time with making meals for my family. First I make a list of meals that I want to make. Then I make another list of all the ingredients I need to buy. Then I lose the menu list by the time I need to make dinner. Then we go out to eat! What a waste. I received a Little Lily Collection from Lily on the Fly and am so happy! It is a meal planning kit that I can keep on my fridge, in my car, and can take with me to the grocery store. Each recipe card comes with a yummy, quick and nutritious meal on one side and a ingredients list on the other.

I tried the Cheeseburger Rice tonight and it was yummy! My husband even liked it and he doesn't like much of what I make. It's a whole new world! Next I am going to try the Black Forest Cheesecake!
  • Lily on the Fly is offering a 15% discount on any order until Feb. 15th 2009. Simply enter code: LilyWorksforMe when you check out! You know you want one!


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