Wednesday, January 28, 2009

First Juice Review

I rarely by the boys juice. I know I'm an awful mom. We are just a water and milk type of family. It's just too hard to figure out the labels - from concentrate, the sugar content, etc. Then I saw First Juice and knew I had to have Ki and Jackson try it.

First off I love the actual bottle of First Juice. It is BPA free and can be reused. It's actually a really great sippy cup that looks like a sports drink bottle. It is also totally leak proof. That is huge to me! After the boys drank their juice up I just stuck them in the washer and filled them up the next day with water.

The boys pounded the juice. They loved it! The juice is made from 100% organic fruit and vegetable juices with 50% less sugar. Some of the flavors even are made with purple carrots! Yes they do exist! I was so pleased with the juice, I can't wait to find some in a store near me. If you would like to check out their site and learn more then click here.


  1. Sounds very interesting. Wish it were around when my oldest dd was young.

  2. Sounds good for us big people too ! I love that it's partly made with vegies.

  3. i've never heard of this before, good to know! i'll have to look into it.


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