Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bananas Foster French Toast

Cody and I have been soooooooooo bored since winter has hit and Cody was laid off from the Railroad. The Railroad does it every year for a couple of months but Cody found a job with a bank. He won't start for maybe another two weeks. Some days we drive each other nuts, but we have discovered something to give us hope. I was looking on Food Network website and found all these yummy recipes. We decided to each pick out a recipe we would want to eat and then make them for each other. I picked a macaroni and cheese dish that I won't even give the link to because it just wasn't that good. BUT I made the Bananas Foster French Toast ( the pic is of a similar recipe) and it was to die for! If you love sugar you will love this! It is so fattening and unhealthy and soo good! The recipe calls for Rum but we didn't use it. Just lots of pure buttery love! Promise me you will make this!? Please!

Cody had to help me in the end and it was fun to go to the store to buy our ingredients and then work on something for each other. I really would like to do this once a month. The missionaries came by and we told them about it so now next Saturday we are having them over to show them how to make it!

If you have a significant other (sorry, I don't mean to single out the single sistas), what do you like to do to bond with each other? I really would like to know!


  1. Good idea, they say the best way to the heart is through the tummy.
    Sounds yum & I need to go shopping in the next day or two. So we will have Bananas Foster French Toast one day for breakfast. I love Bananas Foster & French Toast so hey.
    Shopping for us is a bonding time - it's so real & practical and all about family, then the team work of putting everything away.
    A bonder for us lately is watching "The Office" together. I used to hate the show and he really liked it. He was touched by the romantic story line they had going and really thought I should be watching. I told him I had missed every season and would be lost. One random night he rented all of season one. We watched it together. I still kinda hated it. But I eventually started liking the characters and the show. Now we watch together and it some how causes the feel goodies.
    We also go out about once a month for a drink. That's nice to sit and chat - alone with no responsibilities - just each other.

  2. My Dad works for thr RR too. Norfolk Southern. He's a Millwright. He lost all his overtime - which was the extra for them. So they are tight right now. I think everyone is.

  3. How sweet ! It is so fun cooking together !

    We often take mini getaways together ( 1 to 2 nights away from home, just to rebond as a couple.( Married 36 years, so no little ones at home) Next month, we are going for 2 nights, Saturday, The Temple, Sunday, Church and Monday, Disneyworld for Don's birthday then home. It is always a fun and romantic adventure and keeps our love alive and thriving !

  4. Yum! Those sound so good. How fun that you cooked them together. Blessing. :)

  5. YUMMY!! I'm totally making this for breakfast on Saturday... Or maybe for dinner one day this week! =)


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