Thursday, September 18, 2008

The things they say

Well I just wanted to take a moment to share the things my boys have been saying lately. Jackson has discovered what friends are and now all day he tells me "Momma you're my buddy." "Momma you're my friend." I know- it makes my heart melt. Today Ki told me that Daddy was his buddy and I asked him if I was his buddy too. He reluctantly said yes and Jackson immediately came running over shouting "No Momma, you're my my buddy." (That's not a typo, the boys always say "my" twice when claiming ownership on something or someone).

Then the other night at bedtime Ki had to go to the bathroom. He is scared of bathrooms now- mostly the whole house, so I had to go in with him. WARNING- you may get grossed out! He started to tell me that his poop was going to get all over the floor and he would stomp on it and get his new spiderman flipflops dirty so we would have to go buy him some pink ones. (I'm so bad with runon sentences). He is so determined to get pink in his wardrobe he is now making up stories! Oh how I love my boys!


  1. This reminds me of my boys! (I have four)Even when their friends come over...discussions are on cars, jobs, long-boarding and what things look like in the toilet! I know, it never ends?

  2. I know I love them just how they are but it does make me long for a girl!

  3. Ashley- You had cammo overalls that you loved to wear and you would watch your dad change the oil on the car. You would wait for him to go under the car and you would put your head on his chest....just to make sure he was doing it right!

  4. How cute and funny! What an adorable picture! Thanks for sharing :)


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