Monday, September 1, 2008

Today I cut zucchini from our garden and had some for dinner! Yeah! The boys wouldn't eat it but I'll find a way to sneak it there food! Ki calls it zuccihnia. It's funny trying to hear him say " I don't like zuccihnia!" I have been working on painting our house. The other day I was so brave for about 5 seconds and climbed the ladder, got on the roof and painted the second story. I was feeling so proud of myself for conquering my fear of heights. Then when I ran out of paint I tried to get down but I was too scared. I waited for Cody to finally come out and he helped me but I cried like a baby! The boys knew mommy was sad! That is the first time they have seen me get scared and cry- but I told them daddy was my hero. They liked that.


  1. hey, zucchini bread is wonderful. You could make some of that.. There are hundereds of recipes for zucchini. Bread is great though... Love the pics. I felt bad for you on that roof.. That happened to me one time too. Getting up is fine but getting down is scary. I don't get up at all anymore... lol.. The heck with conquering the fear of hights. lol....

  2. Wow! The boys are almost as big as the zucchini! But they are such cuties!!! Okay, I am a very proud Nama!

  3. Scott called is cuzinni at first it was funny! You grew some big ones.
    Glad Cody was there to rescue you.


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