Friday, September 26, 2008

Creative and Simple

Today the boys and I made Cheerio Star Fishes. It is a simple little project for preschoolers that I found on this awesome website They have a lot of cool ideas for all different sorts of things. I realized that just because I am not very crafty doesn't mean we can't do things to spark their creativity.

I love that it doesn't take much to entertain kids. There is also this cool book that has lots of ideas for things to do with your kids- of all ages, that doesn't require any tv, or electronics. It's called Unplugged Play by Bobbi Conner. I like how it turns play into something so simple and easy.

The boys have so many toys but never play with them. Instead they get excited over paperclips and couch cushions.

Speaking of which- here is what my living room always looks like. Everyday I turn on music, usually the Polar Express soundtrack and they go nuts. They make pyramids, parks, beds, ect. with the couch cushions and blankets. I have learned not to waste my time picking up until the end of the day because within ten minutes it goes back to this. I used to hate the mess but now I enjoy it because they are being who the are and are having fun. I wish I was their age again!

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