Thursday, October 1, 2009

Young Living R.C. Essential Oil Blend Review

My Young Living Essential Oils Consultant, Jennifer Nordin, read my mind when she sent me the Young Living R.C. Essential Oil Blend to review. I have asthma and is always it's worse when the weather gets cold. As I have posted before my family has been sick and it has taken it's toll on us. My coughing and congestion has really made me nervous. That is usually when an asthma attack comes. My son has also had some problems with his chest being congested.

So what is a mom to do? Put this stuff to the test! I put the Young Living R.C. Essential Oil Blend in our diffuser at night in my son's room and also rubbed it on his chest and mine as well as our throats in place of vapor rub. It has been such a blessing! So far I have had no asthma attacks and I have noticed the congestion go down when it is on. I also have noticed a decrease in use of my inhaler.

The smell is also very pleasant. It has a nice citrus scent to it. I highly recommend this oil to anyone suffering from asthma or any other respiratory problems. The oil can be purchased here and if you need a diffuser for your home (trust me you want one) then you can find one here. If you are looking to purchase essential oils to help your family heal naturally and support your immune system then you have to order from Jennifer. She truly continues to meet my needs and is very knowledgeable and not to mention has great customer service!

Jennifer Nordin, Independent Young Living Distributor #329194, provides practical aromatherapy tips and private consultations through her blog, Oils For Wellness. Be sure to subscribe to her e-newsletter for more ways to experience the amazing healing benefits of essential oils. Start living well today- purchase pure Young Living aromatherapy products from the Oils For Wellness website!


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