Sunday, October 4, 2009

Momagenda Review

Before school started I was a stay at home mom full time and had both of my boys at home. I never really left the house unless it was to go to play dates or walk to the post office. I kept all of my notes, numbers, and the few appointments I had on scrap pieces of paper and our calendar. Fast forward to today- our whole entire family is in school, soccer practice, my husband's coaching gig, my callings in church, not to mention all of our appointments- all to keep track of!

After the few first days of school I started to panic not knowing how I was going to keep it all straight. I went in search of the perfect planner for me. One that I could keep track of every one's schedules including my own. That's when I found momAgenda. It is a planner that is perfect for what I need.

It has spaces for your children's schedule (I use one for my husband) and even has a planner for dinner. It has motivational quotes and a pullout "Mom Essentials" book where you can store addresses, birthday and anniversary dates and so much more. I love that it is removable because I hate having to transfer all of that information over when it is a new year.

It is also very stylish. I chose a pink one to review and it is so cute! It is very professional looking. It looks like a hardbound book but is flexible like a planner with ribbon dividers.

I have found it so much easier to keep track of everything with my momAgenda ( including my blogging stuff) and would recommend this to any mom who needs a little more order in her life! To view the entire collection and all the other organizational products visit


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