Friday, October 2, 2009

Koku Cutting Board Review

When I cook dinner and have to chop vegetables, I generally have to chop or cut more than one thing. That leads to me having to find a place to put what I just chopped to make room for the next item. It's really not my cup of tea. The Koku Cutting Board solves that and other problems. It has two cutting boards. One on top and the other one is hidden on the bottom. It also has a grater underneath the cutting board as well as a 2 drawers and one has compartments to put your chopped food into. This has helped me so much when preparing dinner!

I love products that make my life easier and this is one of them. It saves me time and also space which is so important in a tiny kitchen. I also like the durability of the cutting boards. They don't stain and do not get marked up from the knife. The Koku Cutting Board makes a great gift for any mother, or cook out there as well as a great wedding gift! To learn more about the Koku visit


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