Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chritmas Tree

We decorated the tree awhile ago but I finally got these posted! This was the first year that the boys decorated the tree with us. It was interesting! A few broken ornaments later and here you have it. I learned some things- first I just need to let the boys do it their way and when they aren't looking fix it. Second- don't buy glitter ball ornaments, the glitter gets on everything! Third, I learned that I'm too controlling (well I already knew that) so if I want my kids to have happy tree memories, I need to let them do their thing. Let's see if I remember that next year!

Do you have your tree pics on your blog? Leave me a comment with the post so I can see!


  1. I should take a picture of mine. My daughter put up her tree this year.

    sorry you missed give away I will try and do another

  2. I think the two "Santas" are too cute for words, but then again I might be biased1

  3. Darling boys in in their Santa hats !

    Oh, very pretty Tree...mine is up but not decorated until the rest of the grandchildren arrive on Thursday...Merry Christmas to all !

  4. Sorry no pics of my tree yet but yours is lovely. Added you to my blog roll as well; love the site and you have a gorgeous family! :)

    So Not Domestic


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