Friday, December 18, 2009

Winners Finally!

I made it past finals just barely! What a week. I have been able to post and am now packing to leave for Phx. We leave at 4 am tomorrow! We are driving and it will take us about 24 hours total so it will be long and interesting with two toddlers. I wanted to play a little catch up and also let you know I have a new sponsor on my sidebar- TinyPrints! Make sure you check them out they have super cute stuff.

Now for the winners.....
The winner of the MyJones Soda is LadyTink_534

The 2 winners of the Hallmark GC are clarissa and Tamara B

The Robeez winner is Justin and April

The Pillow Pets winner is etirv

and the winner of the Build A Bear giveaway is Emily!

Thank you to everyone who has entered. You guys rock! I will be posting more when we arrive in Phoenix so be on the lookout :)

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