Saturday, November 7, 2009

TouchBack Marker Review

Now I may not have grey hair yet, I still really wanted to review this product. It is called the TouchBack Marker and covers up grey hair at your roots to get you through your next hair color. It is completely washable and works great if you need to style your hair.

Like I said, I don't have grey hair but I have a friend who could really appreciate this and I will be giving it to her. I did try it out on my hair though. It didn't leave any weird residue and my hair felt the same as it always does. I think this would be a perfect product for any busy woman. It even won the Allure Editor's Choice Award.There are several color choices available so there is something for everyone! Unlike mascara, crayons, gels and powders, TouchBack doesn’t flake or rub off when you brush your hair. It bonds to your hair and stays true until shampooed out, and it’s safe to use around your kids as it’s peroxide and ammonia free!
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