Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taking it Nice and Easy Today

In case you haven't noticed I haven't posted much this week. I have been so busy with school and family that I'm really taking it easy today. My house is a mess but I am getting a lot accomplished. I'm making and canning apple butter using this awesome recipe. It is very time consuming but so worth it. My house is smelling very yummy!

Last night Cody smoked an organic turkey and we had an early Thanksgiving Feast with some great friends. The meal was delicious. Cody worked so hard to make sure the turkey was just right. He did plenty of research and spent the whole day before brining the turkey. It was so good.
I'm just enjoying my kids company while Cody is at an important football game. I LOVE downtime! I really can't wait until the semester is over and I can concentrate on being a homemaker again. My house has been suffering.

For Christmas we are going to Phx to spend some much needed time with family and friends. We can't bring all of our Christmas presents for the boys with us so we will be doing a countdown to our trip. Everyday next month ( until we leave so not really everyday) we will give the boys a present to unwrap. We are so thankful that we haven't had to purchase one present yet. I have been saving all of my reviews for gifts. I just realized I haven't thought too much about incorporating Christ into the holidays and am trying to come up with some ideas. I thought that before they open their gift each day I will read a Scripture about the Christmas story.

So I'm wondering, how do you stay centered on the Savior during the holidays? I really need some tips!
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  1. When we were kids my Mom always bought a birthday cake for Jesus and we would sing Happy Birthday on his birthday...loved it when I was young, felt a little weird when I was a teenager (sigh..teenagers).
    Sometimes we would give a piece away (you know...whosoever does this unto the least of these has done it unto me...)
    Someone I knew exchanged presents on the feast of the epiphany (when Christ would have received his gifts from the Magi) and had a celebration with family and friends on Christmas Day.
    I think using the nativity to teach about the Christ story is something I want to do with my son (only 8 months old). And when he is older I would like to do a service for others (with him included) to honor Christ on his Birthday.

  2. I really like your idea of reading scripture before hand. My granddad always reads the story of Christs' birth before the kids are allowed to open presents over there. It's been a tradition since I was a little girl (and probably before that!). SO important for our kids to remember what the real reason for Christmas is!!
    Hoping we'll be able to get together while you're here!! Keep me posted! =)

  3. One thing we do at our house is play lots of songs/hymns about the birth of Jesus, rather than reindeer and Santa. Since our son is three he pays much more attention to music than reading right now. I have started talking to him about planning for Christmas and why we celebrate. Yes, we will have a twinkling tree and see Santa downtown, but the real reason is Jesus being born.

  4. Downtime is good! I am ready for some myself. I am trying to wrap up my guide and take it real easy the month of December. Just enjoy the holidays and my family.


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