Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MyClyns Review

You know what is one of my pet peeves? When my precious little sick boy sneezes or coughs right in my face. I'm sure I am not the first mom who has had this happen. You instantly want to go take a shower and wash all the germs off! With all of the sickness that has been going around in my home I am happy to have the chance to review the MyClyns. It is a disinfecting spray that is safe that you use on your face. So far we haven't had to use it but I really enjoy the piece of mind that I have it in my medicine box for just in case. I also love the convenient size so I can take it with us on trips.

As parents, we’re all increasingly aware of the many dangerous pathogens that seem to lurk everywhere; hardly a day goes by without a media report about this or that new germ invading our everyday lives. MyClyns is trusted and used by hospitals and first responders (EMS, police, firemen, etc.) – whose contact with pathogens is often extreme – and is now being made available to consumers to be the perfect complement to hand sanitizers and part of a complete germ-fighting routine. MyClyns, which will be sold at CVS stores nationwide along with other chain stores for suggested retail price of $9.99 , is a compact, non-aerosol pump spray shaped like a pen and easy to slip into a pocket, baby bag, purse, gym bag or carry-on (meets airline restrictions) for everyday use and when traveling.

MyClyns is the only germ defense for use in the eyes, nose and mouth – offering protection where you need it most – common entry points for most germs. MyClyns is safe to spray directly onto the face and even into open wounds. It’s safe for people of all ages – even those who wear contact lenses.

To get more info about MyClyns visit their website here.


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