Wednesday, November 4, 2009

KidScents Review

When my kids are happy then I am happy. Why are they happy? They received their Young Living Essential Oils package. Yes a package just for them. They were sick when it arrived and it really made their day. They received the KidScents MightyZyme Chewable Tablets and the KidScents Bubblegum Flavor Toothpaste.

Young Living Essential Oils has a whole KidScents line of chemical free body care. They have several items including Shampoo and diaper cream. All containing herbal extracts and botanicals.

My boys love both of these products. I love how I don't have to worry about what is in the products. The toothpaste uses xylitol instead of artificial sweeteners and also contains Young Living Essential Oils Thieves Oil to help maintain healthy gums. The MightZyme is full of all natural and pure products to help digestion. I really love these products and I am even using the toothpaste myself! It helps my mouth feel very healthy inside!

You can make healthy changes in the products in your home by switching in the items you use everyday. Little by little you can have an all natural and safer home! Simply contact Jennifer. If you are looking to purchase essential oils to help your family heal naturally and support your immune system then you have to order from Jennifer.

Jennifer Nordin, Independent Young Living Distributor #329194, provides practical aromatherapy tips and private consultations through her blog, Oils For Wellness. Be sure to subscribe to her e-newsletter for more ways to experience the amazing healing benefits of essential oils. Start living well today- purchase pure Young Living aromatherapy products from the Oils For Wellness website!


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