Thursday, November 12, 2009

Joy Berry Books Review

Joy Berry books offer so many important skills and lessons for a variety of age groups for children. They are board books that come with helpful instructions for the child in subjects like mealtime, bath time, getting dressed and many other topics. It also comes with a Read Along Book and CD.

I was sent the Teach Me About Series. These books are great for my 3 year old who is becoming more independent every day. His favorite is the Bathtime book which is helping him get a little more prepared for all of the steps in the process of taking a bath. He hates if the water is too cold or if it gets in his eyes so this helps him know what to expect and shows him bath time can be fun.

I also received the Do-It-Yourself Potty Training Kit. Both of my boys are potty trained but I know this will be perfect for a friend of mine and her son.

Help your child learn and master potty training with our engaging, interactive Do-It-Yourself Potty Training Kits for boys and girls. Comes with everything a parent needs to get started!

Potty Kit includes Potty Book, CD, Instructions, Helpful Hints, Progress Chart, Progress Stickers, Diploma, & Push 'N' Play Sound Button!

This sets make great birthday presents for children as well as Christmas gifts. So much better than giving a bunch of toys that will get broken or forgotten! To view the other books that offered visit Joy Berry Books.


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